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Corporate Sales Exec - Interim OpEx Talent to solve difficult business problems

Salesfolks.com - Sales Exec Needed – Ron’s recording Please record an elevator pitch video (up to 2 minutes) describing who you are (sales leader), w... more
Experience required: 15 year(s)
Up to $14,500 / sale monthly
Avg. Sales Value

Vendux LLC

Vendux LLC

A staffing agency that focuses on placing fraction...

Metaops Inc | Metaexperts

Metaops Inc | Metaexperts

Interim Top-Talent Interim and Contract to Hire Re...

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Raymond Todd Orlandi

Sales Manager

I can offer you over 15 ears of sales management/ direct sales experience managing teams of top sales performers (the “rainmaker” types).

15 year(s) experience Account Growth Business Development Rep Cold Caller Field Sales Rep Inside Sales Rep Sales Executive Territory Sales Rep Score: 20