CEO at Fastsensor

Daniel Bichara is the CEO and Founder of FastSensor. For over 30 years, starting at the age of 12, Daniel has been a dynamic technology visionary and entrepreneur who has built and sold companies across multiple industries. Daniel has founded 17 companies and had 7 successful exits – although he most proudly points to 3 dramatic failures as the greatest contributions to his personal and business growth. His 17 companies have included IT consulting, enterprise software, telecommunications, networking, tech hardware manufacturing, retail construction, and managed services spaces. However, Daniel considers expertise in 3 key pillars to be the foundation for FastSensor’s source of unfair competitive advantage: Radio Frequency Engineering, Hardware Manufacturing, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. The unique combination of insights gleaned from his experience in these technologies launched FastSensor’s revolutionary combination of technologies, and has driven the company’s continued success over the past seven years.

Daniel Bichara Daniel

Daniel Bichara


San Diego / California

7 year(s) experience

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