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Sam Richter | Know More | Sbr Worldwide, Llc

Sam Richter is a Hall of Fame motivational speaker and develops custom search tools to find and win more sales and business:

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Seeking a sales person to sell a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and enterprise training programs

Up to $10,000 / 5 sales monthly.

I am a Hall of Fame Speaker and a bestselling author and I speak all over the globe on topics related to online information and specifically, Sales Intelligence. You can learn more at (As you will see, I have won numerous awards, have incredible reviews, and a robust client list). I have a list of leads along with an online resource that will help identify and qualify leads. I am exceptionally busy and I need someone to do consistent sales calls and outreach. The good news: there are many real prospects that have the budget and have an upcoming conference so calls are "warm" in the sense that the prospect has a problem (finding a speaker for a conference) that we can solve. The realistic news: there are many great speakers out there so competition is tough. The great news: if you can get a prospect on the phone with me, I have a 70%+ close rate. And, if a prospect doesn't book me for their upcoming conference, they will have others throughout the year so staying in touch does produce results (and I will provide you content so staying in touch provides value). In addition, I also offer enterprise training, online resources, and ongoing training on a monthly basis. This is great for mid- to smaller companies that might not have a budget for a keynote speaker, but can certainly find a lower monthly budget (and as a sales person, you would receive your commission so long as the company keeps paying).
Average Sales Value $10000
Amount Paid Per Qualified Referral $0
Amount Paid Per Qualified Lead $0
Commission Per Sales 20%
Flat Rate Per Sale $0
Monthly Retainer $0
Types of Salespeople Cold Caller Outbound Prospector Social Selling Rep
Keywords professional speaking ongoing training (sales intelligence) custom online sales intelligence resources keynote speaking virtual training