Precision Shaft Technologies

Precision Shaft Technologies

Manufacture automotive driveshafts for race cars and other specialty vehicles, selling nationally and internationally.

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Tampa Bay Area / Florida

Custom Racing Driveshaft Sales

We're looking for a driveshaft expert! If that's you, we're hiring for a remote (work from home) sales position. You'll need a strong background in automotive drivelines and transmissions. If that sounds like you're passion, then you will love this job. The job will include outreach to performance shops to discuss our products and get them to come to us when they have driveshaft needs. This is the first hire we are making in this role, so it will be a collaborative process to determine the sales playbook for this role.
Average Sales Value $500
Amount Paid Per Qualified Referral $100
Amount Paid Per Qualified Lead $15
Commission Per Sales 10%
Flat Rate Per Sale $0
Monthly Retainer $1000
Types of Salespeople Business Development Rep Cold Caller Outbound Prospector Sales Development Rep Specialty Sales Rep
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