I work for 8 yrs. at a brokerage firm (Stocks, forwards, derivatives, structural notes, and currency exchange). After that, I went into manufacturing, specifically in metal for big companies such as Samsung, Tesla, Hisense, Kia, Foxconn, Hyundai, Riddell sporting Apparel, among others.
Started in Upwork and has worked on Marketing sales, software development sales, business development for CRM's, Lead generation companies and influencers business development, etcetera. I live in San Diego, California, also always open to talk about hourly rates and negotiate. I like sales and developing the traction for new companies, I've been doing this for the last year, and I am good at it. It takes time to develop the process and other tools to be successful; I have done it with other companies and think I would be a good fit.

I have work with several CRM developers, leads generation app developers and with a company that did architectural IT and software development based on their working industry and needs.

Work in a brokerage firm (stocks, currency exchange, structural notes, forwards, derivatives) among others.
I like to do all the process, generating a list of leads, cold calling that list, generating qualified leads and converting them to prospects and then closing the deal.

Resume / Cover Letter:
Monthly retainer requirement:
$3,000 full-time 160 hours per month
Type of relationship:
I only want independent contractor relationships with businesses (e.g. 1099)
I intend to dedicate most of my time to one business
Businesses I Have Relationships With:
  • Panasonic
  • Pph Solutions, Inc.
  • Tesla
  • Upwork


Electronic & Other Electrical Equipment Engineering - Computer & Software Software Development Software - General Business Software Applications / SaaS
CVS® – Certificate in Virtual Sales (AA-ISP)
Contact Info
  • ***@gmail.com
  • 1323391XXXX