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Programmatic media sales to political campaigns

Up to $2,000 / 1000 sales monthly.

We only work with progressive candidates . I have another full-service marketing agency that I operate, but I worked on progressive political campaigns during the pandemic, and while it was slow last year, heading into the midterm elections, there's a lot of money to be made as we get very cheap deals on media and can sell them to the candidates at prices lower than they'd get on their own while still making a pretty good margin. The challenge in this space has always been that with a traditional business - like, if I had something for plumbers, it's pretty easy to find a list of plumbers and call them. But who is running for office, and more importantly, who is running their campaign? The best sign is by looking at each county election sites and seeing the filings, then finding their Facebook page and sending a message. Usually, someone on the grassroots team or the candidate themselves is seeing it and you can possibly pitch them. This industry is not particularly adept at LinkedIn. The good news is, once you get one consultant who likes us, they might use us on all their campaigns forever. There's also not the same amount of scrutiny as in the private sector. They often have money to spend, and pressure to do so quickly. I've literally had campaigns go "I need to spend this $30K in the next week, GO." I'm more of a behind-the-scenes get the work done type, I need someone who can work independently, pitch what we do, get a meeting and then move on to the next prospect. Let me know if you want to chat next week if this sounds interesting to you. Thanks!

Job Type: This is an Independent Sales Contractors role (1099)
Employee location
Average Sales Value $0
Commission Per Sale 8% Sell-in cycle: 30 – 60 days
Flat Rate Per Sale $0 Sell-in cycle: 30 – 60 days
Monthly Retainer
$2,000 Part-time 80 hours per month
Types of Salespeople Cold Caller Outbound Prospector
Keywords political media programmatic media digital media ctv display ads native ads

Remote position