Lotus Technologies

Lotus Technologies

Lotus Technologies is a cloud-based mobile app development platform with it's team headquartered in NYC.

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New York City / New York

Sales Development Rep

Up to $15,350 / sale monthly.

We have a very strong process that we've been using internally to get new contracts and we're looking for helping hands! We're a mobile app development company and we help start-ups that are looking to build mobile apps. We're extremely different because of our clear and concise packages that we offer projects. Which is extremely different than our competition. If you are looking for looking to become a millionaire in a day this isn't for you. But if you'd like to build an extremely sustainable 6-figure to 7-figure income over the next 6-12 months, we have the perfect system. We have documentation, a lead generation process you can do on your own and a slack channel to answer all your questions!

Check out our website for more information: https://lotustech.nyc
Job Type: This is an Independent Sales Contractors role (1099)
Average Sales Value $50,000
Amount Paid Per Qualified Referral $300
Amount Paid Per Qualified Lead $50
Commission Per Sale 10%
Flat Rate Per Sale $10000
Types of Salespeople Outbound Prospector Sales Development Rep Sales Engineer
Keywords Mobile App Development For Start-Ups software engineering mobile apps technology consulting mobile app development saas