Live Marketing, LLC

Live Marketing, LLC

With our patent pending application SILLOET works with our customers to help them engage consumers within the path to purchase.

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Tampa Bay Area / Florida
Martin Saavedra

Martin Saavedra


Sales people who have GRIT!

Up to $15,500 / 3 sales monthly.

Our people have GRIT and we feel that is the single most important attribute for sales professionals today.
The ideal candidate must have previous experience working with Financial Advisors or Automotive Dealers in either digital marketing, Service Marketing, Case Design, Life & Annuity planning or Practice Management.

The ideal candidate will help lead initiatives to generate and engage with Advisors to build new business for the company. Candidates will be responsible for enrolling Advisors into our proprietary SAAS product call SILLOET while also leveraging additional marketing services. This candidate will be focused and have strong communication and organization skills. Candidate should be able to think critically when making plans, engaging with customers and have a demonstrated ability to execute a marketing strategy for our Advisors.

Candidate will be responsible for growth of new business while also engaging with existing clients and identifying new growth opportunities.


SILLOET is our proprietary digital marketing application which identifies and instantly engages with consumers on the path to purchase. Our community of subscribers utilize SILLOET to enable effecticent and more reliable targeted engagements than traditional digital marketing efforts.


Identify partnership opportunities.
Develop new relationships in an effort to grow business and help company expand.
Work as a team with other members to help close and build new client relationships.
Maintain existing business.
Think critically when planning to assure project success.


GRIT and determination to become professionally better.
Previous Industry experience.
Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.
3 - 4 years' prior industry related business development experience.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Proven knowledge and execution of successful development strategies.
Focused and goal-oriented. The ability to meet Sales Goals is critical.
A knowledge on how to close new business opportunities.
Employment Type

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Job Type: This is an Independent Sales Contractors role (1099)
Average Sales Value $875 - $50,000
Commission Per Sale 8% Sell-in cycle: 30 – 90 days
Flat Rate Per Sale $0 Sell-in cycle: 30 – 90 days
Monthly Retainer
$3,500 Full-time 160 hours per month
Types of Salespeople Account Growth Business Development Rep Cold Caller Lead Development Rep Sales Development Rep
Keywords marketing Data Sales GRIT Digital