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New York City / New York

Seeking an experienced Account Development Rep / Sales Development Rep

Up to $17,500 / sale monthly.

Intentful, an AI-powered content creation company is seeking an experienced ADR/SDR who will be responsible for selling AI-powered content creation services to new customers. They will work in cooperation with the CEO and COO to identify and qualify new sales opportunities, build relationships with potential customers and drive revenue growth. They will also work to stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments and will be able to effectively communicate the benefits of Intentful services to potential customers. Strong proficiency with HubSpot, LinkedIn, and PowerPoint. Excellent written and spoken English is required. Familiarity with content marketing concepts is strongly desired.

Job Type: This is an Independent Sales Contractors role (1099)
Employee location
Average Sales Value $5,000 - $80,000
Commission Per Sale 20% Sell-in cycle: 2 – 6 months
Flat Rate Per Sale $0 Sell-in cycle: 2 – 6 months
Monthly Retainer
$1,500 Full-time 160 hours per month
$750 Part-time 120 hours per month
Types of Salespeople Account Development Rep Business Development Rep Lead Development Rep Lead Response Rep Sales Development Rep
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Remote position