Gold Century Group

Gold Century Group

Established in 2006, GCG core business has been the production and sales of sportswear and leisure apparel with a full international supply chain.

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San Francisco Bay Area / California

Seeking Apparel Brand Ambassador

Up to $15,000 / 1000 sales monthly.

- Familiarizing yourself with the company’s mission, vision, and goals.
- Working closely with sales and marketing staff to conceptualize marketing campaigns and strategies.
- Educating customers, retailers, and distributors about our products.
- Creating website and social media content in order to drive brand awareness and attract new customers.
- Building rapport with customers and vendors.
- Monitoring customer feedback and escalating complaints to the marketing department.
- Tracking customer preferences, metrics, and media campaigns.
- Representing the company at product launches, events, and trade shows.
- Brainstorming ideas and participating in training and workshops.
- Maintaining a positive image of the brand at all times.
Average Sales Value $100
Commission Per Sale 15%
Monthly Retainer
Types of Salespeople Sales Associate Social Selling Rep
Keywords Athleisure Apparel Hoodie Sweater Pants