Sellou Inc

Sellou Inc

Sellou is a marketplace platform that make selling, discoverability, and shopping easier and more enjoyable.

App Tech Software Art Small Business

Provo / Orem / Utah

Seeking Field Salesperson for Art, Art Galleries, Craftsmen, Ceramic Artists, etc.

Up to $12,500 / 250 sales monthly.

Our company is looking to onboard sellers onto our platform. We require a field salesperson to first get very familiar with our iPhone application, then reach out to artists, galleries, hobbyists, ceramic artists/potters, all across Southern California to arrange appointments with them. The goal is to meet them, get to know their work, and onboard them as sellers on the platform. A successful sale should lead to at least 2 products being posted on the platform.

Our platform is new, so after sales follow up is also preferred. We would love feedback, what they liked or disliked about the platform, and what they wish to see in the future.

Job Type: This is an Independent Sales Contractors role (1099)
Average Sales Value $100 - $1,000
Commission Per Sale 0% Sell-in cycle: 1 – 2 weeks
Flat Rate Per Sale $50
Types of Salespeople Field Sales Rep Social Selling Rep
Keywords App Tech Software Art Small Business