Rabat / Virginia

Seeking salespeople to sell UberEats-like food delivery white-label apps

Up to $10,000 / 5 sales monthly.

Our company is looking for salespeople to sell our white-label apps to businesses that are looking for ready solutions to launch their own UberEats-like food delivery project or startups that seek a flexible technology that can be used as an MVP to test quickly their business model and or raise funds. Please visit to learn more about the white label apps we're trying to sell. We're looking for qualified salespeople that have experience in selling B2B software. Ideally, a salesperson that can take care of the sales process end-to-end until the signature of the sales contract. We're ready to offer him a 10% commission for each closed deal.
Average Sales Value $20,000
Commission Per Sale 10%
Monthly Retainer
Types of Salespeople Lead Closer Sales Associate Sales Development Rep Sales Executive Specialty Sales Rep
Keywords food delivery white-label apps UberEats clone B2B software software license