Rushpal SIngh, Account Executive

I'm a highly motivated worker, and I love putting in the effort if the results are worth the time invested. I've closed over 8 million in Net New Business. I have more than seven years of sales experience, ranging from working with companies such as Oracle and start-up companies such as 12Twenty, working/selling exciting new SaaS products. Pure hunter in sales roles, no leads, complete 360 sales cycle!

It is vital to have a positive attitude when addressing any new potential customer. The key to your success is making people like you because people buy from people.

Rushpal SIngh

Rushpal SIngh

Account Executive

SaaS ecommerce platform oracle social cybersecurity retail CPQ

Account Advisor Account Development Rep Account Growth Business Development Rep Cold Caller Inside Sales Rep Lead Closer Sales Associate Sales Development Rep Sales Executive Specialty Sales Rep Technical Sales Rep

Los Angeles / California

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