Ryan Welch, Business Development Director

I acquire new business development through demand creation via prospecting, networking, thought-leadership, and strategic industry campaigns. Through an intensive analysis and discovery, I lead organization’s C-Suite and Senior Leadership through complex processes to solutions that align with business strategy. My success is driven by my ability to “lead to” solutions, not with them. I challenge organizations on current processes, providers, and risk of status quo. I shift organizational decision making through skills that align all stakeholder’s expectations. My background in operational management, sales leadership, and P&L management affords me the ability to gain access and become a trusted advisor to decision makers at every level. Experience in small, midsize, and enterprise level selling has provided me a mastery of decision maker and buyer personas. I have extensive experience selling, and sales leadership, in transactional, virtual, and complex sales processes. I have experience in leading, and functioning in inside, outside, and hybrid selling roles, understanding the nuances of all. A depth of experience in both function and role, ability to learn quickly, adapt to change, combined with an intensive competitive desire for success makes me an asset to an organization. .

Ryan Welch

Ryan Welch

Business Development Director

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Cincinnati / Ohio

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