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Salesfolks is a powerful platform for developing and managing your sales career. Be part of the leading community and network dedicated to the field of sales. Proudly ranked #1 on Google for “hire salespeople”, “hire sales reps”, and more.

Discover sales jobs, get hired, connect with clients seeking sales expertise, experience career growth, receive retainer and commission payments, build or join virtual sales teams, and much more.

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Salesfolks offers a robust platform to support your sales career goals. Whether you're looking for freelance sales gigs (1099) or a permanent sales job (W-2), we provide the tools and opportunities to help you succeed and grow professionally. Join the leading community dedicated to the sales career field.

Work Remotely, Onsite, or Hybrid – You Decide!
Enjoy increased flexibility, reduced commuting time and expenses, and the ability to work from anywhere with remote sales jobs. For others, a better work-life balance and potentially higher productivity come from being in an office. With Salesfolks, you can find the work environment that suits you best.
Choose When You Work
Set your own schedule. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, tailor your working hours to align with your personal preferences, energy levels, and other commitments. Our sales contractor roles may be right for you, or perhaps you prefer the 9-5. Many of our permanent sales jobs offer standard hours, Monday to Friday.
Sell What You Love
We have found a direct and meaningful relationship between sales professionals who love what they sell and overall sales productivity. Discover job opportunities on Salesfolks that you'll find nowhere else. Select the companies, products, and services you are passionate about. Enjoy a more fulfilling career by selling what truly excites you.
Go Solo or Join Sales Teams
If you prefer to work independently, Salesfolks has roles for salespeople who like to manage their own careers. Alternatively, you can join or build your own flexible sales contractor teams. Leverage the benefits of collaboration and synergy to increase your sales performance outcomes by working together towards shared goals.
Aspire to Earn More
Our community and network attract sales jobs with higher earning potential. Land a sales job with a strong base salary and attainable OTE. Or, be a sales contractor and secure a guaranteed minimum monthly income with retainer fees plus commission, reducing the uncertainty of relying solely on commission-based earnings.
Career Upskilling
Enhance your skills and expertise with ongoing education. Continuously learn and grow professionally by gaining valuable insights and knowledge from the network you build and the sales teams you join. Find new and unique sales opportunities so you can adapt your sales practice to inevitable market shifts.
Streamlined Application Process
Experience a streamlined application process designed to save you time and effort. Our platform simplifies every step, from applying to interviewing, making it easier for you to land your next sales role quickly.
Access to Exclusive Resources
Gain access to a wealth of exclusive resources, including industry insights, sales strategies, and best practices. Stay ahead of the competition with the latest tools and information to enhance your sales techniques and achieve greater success.