Better Together

Join a Flexible Sales Team on Salesfolks, or Build a Team That You Lead.

Salesfolks: bettertogether

Salesfolks is a powerful platform for developing and managing your independent sales contractor career. It enables you to do better by collaborating on flexible sales teams to achieve more, together. Find unique sales opportunities, get training and sales career growth, receive retainer and commission payments, and more.

Better Together

Breakthrough Sales Career Innovation

Salesfolks enables you to form or join flexible sales teams. It harnesses the gig economy model, enabling you to collaborate opportunistically to fuel your professional growth and economically capitalize on the “strength in numbers” paradigm.

Work remotely
Increased flexibility, reduced commuting time and expenses, and the ability to work from anywhere, resulting in improved work-life balance and potentially higher productivity.
Choose when you work
You determine the time you dedicate to your sales activities. Whether early bird or night owl, you tailor your working hours to align with your personal preferences, energy levels, and other commitments.
Pick what you sell
Select the companies, products, and services you are interested in, leading to a more enjoyable and fulfilling work experience selling what truly excites you.
Join Sales Teams
Leverage the benefits of joining a sales team: collaboration and synergy that increases the probability of sales performance outcomes by working together towards shared goals.
Earn retainer fees
Enjoy the benefits of earning retainer fees, ensuring a guaranteed minimum monthly income and eliminating the uncertainty of relying solely on commission-based earnings.
Make commissions
Earn commissions and meaningful economic upside directly linked to your sales team performance, providing financial incentives and rewards for overall sales production achievements.
Direct Bank Deposits
Income is direct deposited into your bank account, eliminating the hassle of invoicing and chasing after businesses for payments. Salesfolks automates the process, ensuring seamless and timely compensation.
Career upskilling
Receive career upskilling. Enhance your skills and expertise with ongoing education. Continuously learn and grow professionally by gaining valuable insights and knowledge from the sales teams you join.