About Salesfolks...


We live at the intersection of technology and humanity. We believe in the power of the cloud and the power of real, human salespeople. When the two come together, they empower businesses to grow their sales footprint in ways that were never possible before. We are redefining the future of cloud + salespeople.

We enthusiastically serve several audiences: sales leaders, salespeople and matchmakers (hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters).

1.For Sales Leaders:

👉 Finding great salespeople is slow and difficult. Salesfolks makes it fast and easy.

🔵 Browse our listings of salespeople or run a keyword search

🔵 Research and select the salesperson that best meets your unique needs

🔵 Connect immediately and explore ways to work together

Salesfolks offers Sales Leaders the following benefits:

✔️ Artificial intelligence to find and hire salespeople better salespeople.

✔️ Risk reduction to avoiding costly mis-hires.

✔️ More selection resulting in better choices.

✔️ Discover salespeople who genuinely ❤️ the products and services they represent.

2.For Salespeople

👉 Salesfolks helps you find sales opportunities. We organize, curate and present salespeople like you to businesses seeking your proprietary knowledge, expertise and ambition. It’s a place to where you can monetize your personality and unique personal selling skills.

Salesfolks offers Salespeople the following benefits:

✔️ Discover interesting companies looking to hire you now.

✔️ Career satisfaction selling products and services that you care about.

✔️ Showcase your personality and personal selling skills to the world.

✔️ Establish and build credibility as a sales leader in your respective field (or fields).

✔️ Make more money by being matched with the right opportunities (W-2 / 1099).

3.For Matchmakers (Hiring Managers, HR Pros, Recruiters)

👉 Salesfolks is the leading source for sales candidate identification. 5+ million sales pros!

🔵 Browse our listings of salespeople or run a keyword search

🔵 Research and select the salesperson that matches your role

🔵 Connect immediately and set up an interview pipeline

🔵 Create a Sales Job Post and get inbound candidates

Salesfolks offers Matchmakers the following benefits:

✔️ Artificial intelligence to find and hire salespeople better salespeople.

✔️ Talent intelligence to find reps you might otherwise miss through other sources.

✔️ Unlimited lookups and messages, plus full candidate contact information.

About Salesfolks, Inc.

Salesfolks is the leading destination for finding and hiring sales professionals. It is powered by artificial intelligence (and real intelligence) to help businesses make exceptional sales hires. Our mission is to help companies save money and grow faster by tapping into a global network of salespeople, while fostering sales career satisfaction and economic success within our professional community.

How We Accomplish Our Mission:

The Salesfolks platform helps companies to quickly discover and manage relationships with salespeople (both W-2 and 1099 hires). Your sales team can be entirely hired and scaled with Salesfolks. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to do a better job of matching the right salespeople with the right business. As a result, we help business and sales leaders to dramatically reduce the time and monetary costs associated with mis-hires. For salespeople, we help them discover and self-select sales opportunities that have meaning to them, and we work to optimize their income-earning potential.

Our Vision:

To be the premier destination for finding and hiring salespeople. We aspire to be the very first place salespeople and businesses turn to when they have a desire to partner for sales growth.

Our Unique Selling/Value Proposition:

For Salespeople: Managing your career as a salesperson is hard. Salesfolks is the best way to optimize your income potential and be matches with the best sales opportunities.

For Companies: Finding great salespeople is hard and risky. Half of salespeople never hit quota. Salesfolks is a tool that helps to reduce the wasted time and costs of mis-hires (average 6 months and $200k+ per mis-hire). If you experience 30% turnover in your sales department each year, you are not alone. Salesfolks aims to help you reduce that number through better candidate identification.

Salesfolks Company Culture (mos maiorum) & Values (raison d'être):

  • Work/life balance. Period.
  • Team before individual.
  • Wild curiosity.
  • Humor as medicine.
  • An attitude of gratitude.
  • Sales solves all problems.

Our Internal Ethos:

The technology we build helps businesses make better sales hires. As a result, we help amplify positive outcomes for businesses including more leads, more referral, more sales, better conversion ratios, improved capital efficiency and faster time-to-sale. We play a vital role in global commerce by spearheading the connectedness and dialogue that leads to successful sales relationships between businesses and salespeople. In order to do this successfully, we pour our hearts into three key areas:

1) reliable technology

2) maniacal customer service

3) a sustainable business model

Want to connect? Drop us a line at [email protected]