Our mission is to help companies crush their quotas with an elastic sales force.

How We Accomplish Our Mission:

The Salesfolks platform and marketplace helps companies to quickly find and manage relationships with independent sales contractors. This virtual, cloud-based, on-demand sales team can be entirely onboarded and scaled with Salesfolks.

Our Vision:

To be the premier marketplace for building and managing an elastic sales force. We aspire to be the very first place salespeople and businesses think of when they have a desire to collaborate and cooperatively monetize the sale of goods and services.

Our 10X Unique Selling/Value Proposition:

For Salespeople: The most convenient way to make money being an independent sales contractor – we’re 10X easier!

For Companies: The best way to grow your sales force 10X bigger!

Salesfolks Culture (mos maiorum) & Values (raison d'être):

  • Work/life balance. Period.
  • Team before individual.
  • Wild curiosity.
  • Humor as medicine.
  • An attitude of gratitude.

Our Internal Ethos:

The technology we build helps salespeople by giving them the tools and attention spotlight to develop immediate and lasting relationships with companies that they can get paid to represent. As a result, we help amplify positive outcomes for businesses including more leads, more referral, more sales, better conversion ratios, and faster time to sale. We play a vital role in global commerce by spearheading the connectedness and dialogue that leads to successful sales relationships between businesses and independent salespeople. In order to do this successfully, we pour our hearts into three key areas: 1) product, 2) distribution, and 3) business model.