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Everything necessary to build, manage and grow your sales contractor career.

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  • Run your solo sales practice
  • Collaborate on sales teams

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Everything necessary to build, manage and grow your sales team.

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*Pay one simple, flat and predictable transaction fee when you hire sales contractors and employees. Learn More

The Fine Print: Salesfolks operates on a business model that provides no-cost access to our platform for salespeople and executive/revenue leadership at growth-focused businesses.

To post a Sales Job, businesses must meet specific criteria: the sales job should represent a minimum net-new sales value of $100,000.

If you are seeking sales contractors, you must offer a minimum monthly retainer (non-recoverable draw) of $1,000. Publishing a retainer is required to engage our flexible sales team services. We apply a flat 15% transaction fee to all retainer and commission fees paid to salespeople and sales teams. For example, a $1,000 retainer incurs a $150 (15%) transaction fee. Sales contractor teams have the flexibility to determine the distribution of retainer fees and commissions splits among their team members. When using Salesfolks to hire sales contractors and sales teams, the platform serves as a single line-item for businesses, handling payment transactions to both sales teams and individual team members. It's important to note that all transaction fees are in addition to the base retainer or commissions paid to sales teams. For any further clarification or inquiries, our support team is ready to assist you. We aim to ensure transparency and effectiveness in your experience with Salesfolks.

If wish to use Salesfolks to post a Sales Job seeking permanent (e.g. W-2) employees, we ask that you please accurately state what the base pay is, what the commission rate is, and any benefits. If you hire a W-2 employee by using the Salesfolks self-service platform, we charge a one-time, flat recruiting fee of $5,000. Traditional recruiting firms charge 15-25% of first year compensation (e.g. 20% on base of $80k = $16k recruiting fee). So, Salesfolks represents a much lower priced option to hire sales talent. If you would like our help, we offer full-service sales recruiting. Please get in touch for pricing and details.